Free Assisted Living Placement Service

Case Studies

Every client is unique, with specific needs and criteria. It is ALN’s job to assess each situation, provide personalized service, well-suited options and, most importantly, make the process as easy as possible. Take a look at a few of our clients’ stories:

When Time is of the Essence

Susan Lerner’s father suddenly passed away and Beth, her 90 year-old mom, did not want to stay alone in their Florida home. In fact, she wanted to immediately move to New Jersey, close to her daughter. She wanted a spacious apartment, with healthy food and a choice of activities.

ALN researched facilities in the geographic area that met the family’s social and financial criteria. The company scheduled three tours and for her children and provided information about each facility, its residents, activities and amenities. They also coordinated a Medicaid assessment to make sure Beth met the requirements for an assisted living.

It was a huge relief for her family, especially after she made friends and became comfortable in her surroundings.

Time frame: Beth moved into the assisted living deemed most appropriate by her family within ten days.

Family Dynamics

It’s human nature to want your mom or dad in their home for as long as possible. But when Bob Young’s mom could no longer live alone due to memory issues, the family knew it was time to move her into an assisted living with support services where she would be safe. The problem was that the three children were located in very different parts of the country and had very different opinions of where – and how — she should live.

ALN arranged a conference call with the three siblings and provided an overview of assisted living facilities. The company also helped the family determine which geographic area was best. After input from the three children, ALN provided a list of the facilities that would fit best with their needs. The family decided to tour only two facilities and then narrowed it down to their final choice.

Time frame: Bob’s mom moved into the assisted living two weeks after the family contacted ALN.

Time for a Change

Imagine living in the same house for 60 years! Jim and Shelley Costanzo had bought their house in Worcester, MA when they were both 28 years old. Never having children, they became in active part of the community, involved in many charitable and annual town events. But the two floor house had become hard for them to navigate over the last three years, especially as Shelley’s arthritis became more severe. Their niece, who lived in Maine, was encouraging them to move to an assisted living facility, but both Jim Shelley feared losing their independence. They both loved gardening, being outdoors and attending social events.

After an initial consultation with ALN, the company presented three appropriate options to the family. They toured two and picked a small assisted living outside of Portland, Maine. The two-bedroom apartment was spacious, with many modern amenities. There were activities, clubs, lectures and trips. Best of all, the facility was located on five acres of land, with beautiful gardens and landscaping.

Time frame: Jim And Shelley moved into the assisted living three months after first contacting ALN.