Free Assisted Living Placement Service


My mother and father are both in their early eighties. What should our family do in terms of planning for the future?

The first step is to organize a family meeting and discuss your parents' preferences in terms of geographic location, care needed, activities, social preferences and which family member will be the primary contact. Talk with your parents about options when they are no longer able to live alone.

How does Assisted Living Nationwide differ from other agencies?

Before we provide options for you to visit, we do our homework and come up with three qualified assisted livings that meet all of your criteria. We make sure the facilities have openings and feel that the senior would be a good fit. This way, you are only visiting residences that are truly appropriate. Beyond this, we specialize in immediate response and enhanced customer service. Often, an elder needs to find and move into a residence with a week or two. ALN will work around the clock on your behalf to ensure that a move-in to an appropriate facility occurs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

My father is 83 years old and has always been active. He loves sports and enjoys being outdoors, but he cannot live alone anymore. How do I find the best assisted living facility for him?

Touring three facilities will enable you to compare the services, living areas and recreational activities. Observe the residents to determine the daily routine; visiting during lunch or dinner is extremely helpful. Try to find a facility that is most compatible with your father's interests and lifestyle. Always ask the staff questions. It's an excellent way to get detailed information.

Why does ALN not charge seniors or their families a fee for services?

ALN receives a one-time fee for actual placements from assisted living facilities. As a result, there is no fee to the elder or the family.

Does Assisted Living Nationwide only recommend facilities under contract?

ALN prides itself on finding the best assisted living facility option for its clients. We do not recommend any particular chain or facility. In fact, we have made recommendations for facilities that we do not have contracts with because we have felt that it was the best fit for the family.

Do you offer help or guidance after we tour a facility to help us make the right decision?

Absolutely! We have extensive expertise in the industry and, as a result, clients value our input. While we can’t make the decision for you, we can go through our checklists, address your concerns and questions and simplify the decision-making process.