Free Assisted Living Placement Service


“I don’t know what I would have done without Rick Weisberg and his company. My dad suffered a heart attack at age 83 and after a few weeks in a rehab in New York it became clear he couldn’t return to his apartment in New York City. He agreed to move him to an assisted living, but only if he could stay in Manhattan. The entire situation was overwhelming to me. ALN listened to our priorities and gave up three really excellent choices. In the end, my dad chose the one closest to his favorite deli. It was the right choice.”
– David S; Greenwich, CT

“Assisted Living Nationwide saved my sisters and I a tremendous amount of time, but even more importantly, they navigated the often confusing issues of assisted living and senior housing options. Rick Weisberg’s in-depth knowledge of assisted living facilities proved invaluable. It’s hard to believe there was no charge for this service.”
– Elaine C; Lake Worth, FL

“Although my dad has a serious heart condition, which necessitates a PICC line and support services, we hoped he could move into an assisted living facility rather than a nursing home. I contacted three assisted living facilities in the San Antonio area, but none of them would accept a new resident with a PICC line. ALN used their extensive knowledge and contacts to find an assisted living that met our criteria and would admit him as a resident. Thank you ALN. We are forever grateful.”
– Karen W; Dallas, TX

“Our family needed to find an assisted living in New Jersey for my mom immediately after our dad passed away. I called Assisted Living Nationwide and within a week we had toured three assisted livings and selected our first choice. My mom actually moved in a week later. It was an amazing experience and our whole family felt comforted –and relieved – to be in such good hands.”
– Cary F; Newton, MA

“My wife and I worked with Rick Weisberg to find an assisted living on Cape Cod. Imagine living in the same house for 50 years. We were not looking forward to making the move. ALN found us a beautiful facility in Brewster with five-star amenities, wonderful food and close to the ocean. We love it here! It was truly a pleasure to work with the company.”
– Martin and Lois T; New York, NY

“My mom resisted moving into an assisted living facility for three years. After her fall, she had no choice since she could no longer live alone. I am so grateful to Rick Weisberg and his company for making the process as easy as possible. He provided us with excellent choices that were perfect for her needs. It’s been six months and she is active, healthy and, most importantly, happy.”
– Alana K; San Francisco, CA