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Assisted Living For Couples

Assisted living for couples presents it’s own set of challenges. Assisted Living Nationwide has worked with several couples to help find an assisted living facility. With couples, it’s not unusual for the husband and wife to have different priorities and care needs. Let’s look at a recent scenario.

Sheryl, an 83 year old, is showing signs of early memory loss. She uses a walker and needs help with several activities of daily living. David, her 85 year old husband, is fairly independent. He is still driving, enjoys playing golf and maintains an active social with his friends.

As you can see, each of these two individuals desire different amenities and support services in an assisted living facility. Sheryl needs a staff that can help her with the activities of daily living as well an on-site memory residence, so that if her memory loss worsens, she can move into that area. David does not need much help at this stage and is looking for other males who are similar to him. Although they discussed the possibility of David staying in their home and Sheryl moving to the assisted living, they ultimately decided against that option. They really wanted to continue living together.

Assisted Living Nationwide scheduled tours at three different assisted living facilities within a 20 mile radius of their current home. Their final choice: a facility with a good-sized group of male residents so that David would be able socialize and enjoy many of the activities. This same facility also had a very reputable memory unit, if Sheryl ultimately needed to be moved into these residences. There was a discussion of the husband staying at home and only the wife moving to the ALF, but that rarely is the final choice as couples stay usually together.

It has been three months since Sheryl and David have moved into the assisted living of their choice. David is busy with many activities, trips and socializing with both old and new friends. He and Sheryl eat meals together in the on-site restaurants or café. And Sheryl gets help every morning and evening with dressing, bathing and medication reminders. Both and David feel confident that, for them, this facility was the right choice.

Assisted living for couples can be a bit more complex than finding a place for one individual, but keep in mind there are many options in every state in the country. You just have to know how to where to find them.