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Stay At Home or Move to An Assisted Living?

One of the biggest decisions facing a family is whether a senior should stay at home or move into an assisted living facility. There are many factors involved with this decision and, as always the case, there is usually no clear-cut answer.

Staying at Home

The most comfortable – and easiest decision – is to stay at home. Typically, this is the residence where the senior has resided for a very long time. If the senior needs help with activities of daily living, services from a Home Health agency can be added. Of course, there is a cost involved with these services, depending on how many hours per week are needed. The family is often involved when the senior stays at home. There are calls at all hours of the day and your attention is needed. This may disrupt your daily routine as the needs of the senior become a family priority. Additionally, there are social implications of staying home. Basically the senior is alone except for the Home Health aide and any family visits. Clearly there are logistical questions that need to be decided: who takes the senior to the doctor and makes sure they are eating properly? Who visits on a regular basis? And who steps up in a medical emergency?

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living can often be the right choice, although a whole new set of factors would have to be examined before making this decision. What is the cost of the assisted living facility versus staying at home? The cost would include the basic rental charge which is determined by the size of the apartment. An added cost is the care charges, based on how many hours a week care is needed from the staff. Also, families need to factor in is the Community Fee, a onetime charge, which is nonrefundable. Three meals a day are provided and that cost savings needs to be factored into the decision. Socialization is now completely changed as there are many other seniors, in similar condition, living at the assisted living facility. One important advantage: doctors are brought into the facility from doctor services and/or there is transportation available to take the senior to medical appointments. Keep in mind that seniors seem to thrive in this environment, but there are many cases where the senior goes downhill after the traumatic ordeal of moving from their home.

Decision Time

As you can see, it’s an extremely difficult hard decision. Assisted Living Nationwide can help find you the appropriate facility. The service is free of charge and we work with facilities all over the country. Let our expertise help guide you to make the right decision. It’s too important to you, your family and your loved one

Five Questions To Ask An Assisted Living Facility

Finding the right assisted living for you or a family member is often time-consuming – and certainly a bit overwhelming. The most effective strategy is to compile a list of questions to ask an assisted living facility during a scheduled tour. Below are five questions designed to help you find the right assisted living in terms of staffing, rates, activities, meal times and social interaction.

  1. How many hours of care per month of are included in the monthly rental charge?

Typically assisted living facilities include one hour a day of care services, but each facility is different. Additional support can be costly, so make sure you find out any hidden costs up front.

  1. Can we schedule the tour close to lunch or dinner?

Meal times are the only time per day to obverse most of the residents together as well as the social interaction among staff members and the residents. And, of course, it is a good idea to sample the food!

  1. Can we meet the staff?

It’s important to meet both the Executive Director and the Wellness Director/RN. These individuals will be your day-to-day contacts. The Wellness Director, in particular, will be in charge of the resident’s care plan. Do ask about their background, how long they have been at the facility and staff turnover rate. Always ask how long they have been at the assisted living facility.

  1. Can we observe the daily activities?

You want to make sure there are enough activities that meet the interests of your mother or father. Do ask for the calendar of activities. Most facilities put out the schedule on a monthly basis.

  1. What are the monthly rental charges, care charges and the current availability of apartments?

Rates can change quickly so it’s a good idea to lock in a rate when you first tour to avoid higher rates at move-in time. Always determine if there is any flexibility in the rates. After all, it never hurts to ask!

Assisted Living Nationwide will quickly and efficiently find the three best assisted living facilities based on the family’s criteria. We will schedule the tours and give you information on the facility, the corporation that owns the facility and other relevant data. The five questions above help in making this very important decision.