Free Assisted Living Placement Service

Why Assisted Living Nationwide?

With the internet being such a valuable research tool, some people wonder why families and seniors can’t find their own assisted living facilities. They can, of course, but there are many facts, questions and parameters about moving to an assisted living that make the process complex and time-consuming.

Here are just a few reasons why a trusted placement service can save you time and money:

Qualifying for Assisted Living

There are many factors that assisted living take into consideration when admitting new residents. The individuals have to be able to live independently with support services. Assisted Living Nationwide can advise you and your family on the parameters and assessment process.

Time is of the Essence

Very often, the need for an assisted living arises from an elder taking a fall or a recent illness. The individual can no longer live alone, but cannot stay any longer in a rehab. Assisted Living Nationwide has found and facilitated a move into an assisted living facility in a matter of days.

Industry Knowledge and Contacts

With thousands of assisted livings across the country, it’s hard for the general public to know the most reputable and highest ranked facilities in every state. Assisted Living Nationwide has the expertise and contacts to make sure you pick the best assisted living that fits your needs.

Questions and Negotiation Tactics

Like everything in life, it helps to know the lay of the land and the right questions to ask. Many assisted livings have promotions, incentives and/or are willing to lock in a lower rental rate for a period of time. You just have to know the right questions to ask!

Keep in mind that while Assisted Living Nationwide is not the largest senior placement company in the country, however, its reputation, testimonials and personalized service go a long way in making the transition to an assisted living as easy as possible. After all, choosing an assisting living should — and can be — a positive and enjoyable experience for the entire family.